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Apologetics- the word means "to give a reasoned-defense of the Faith or the hope that lives within you."  America has moved from being a pro-Christian nation to an anti-Christian nation in a short amount of time.  Now more than ever, believers in Christ need to provide biblical support for what they believe and why they believe it!

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Answers Book For Teens Volume 2
It’s okay to have questions... God always has an answer.
$14.99  $10.50
Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions: Volume 2
Explores forty alleged contradictions from skeptics, atheists, agnostics, and naturalists concerning the inerrant and infalliable Word of God.
$12.99  $9.50
What Does Every Bible Chapter Say...The Ultimate Bible Outline/Theme Book
There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament and 260 chapters in the New Testament. Understanding them is the focal point of this book.
$29.99  $19.99
Let There Be Light
From evolutionist to creationist- how one man left his Canadian farm to spread the Gospel throughout the world
$13.95  $9.99
Answers Book For Teens
Your questions--God’s answers
$14.99  $10.50
How Do We Know the Bible is True? Volume 1
When Christian leaders are debating the authenticity of biblical accounts, you need solid biblical answers..Here they are!
$14.99  $10.50
The Genesis Flood 50th Anniversary Edition
The Bible teaches in the beginning God created the heevens and the earth, and so we believe, for God has given us His Word not only to guide our faith but to provide a framework of revelation for us to interpret the origin of the earth.
$16.99  $11.99
Coffee House Chronicles: Who is Jesus...Really?
$6.99  $4.99
Coffee House Chronicles: Is the Bible True...Really?
A dialogue on skepticism, evidence, and truth
$7.99  $5.70
The Defender’s Guide For Life’s Toughest Questions
Giving a reasoned defense from the Bible of the Christian Faith to skeptics, atheists and unbelievers.
$12.99  $8.99
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