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Bibles Surveys & Handbooks enable the student of Scripture to grasp an overview of history and doctrine found throughout the Bible and helps to identify people, places and events of God's work of redemption.
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The Bible and Science made easy
Learn how the truth of the Bible and the conclusions of science relate with this new pocket reference book.
$5.95  $2.50
Key Bible People made easy
Improve your knowledge of prevalent Bible figures with this handy new pocket reference book.
$5.95  $2.50
The Annals of the World James Ussher’s Classic Survey  of World History Paperback
The Annals of the World James Ussher’s Classic Survey of World History
$39.99  $27.99
The Holy Land
An illustrated guide to its history, geography, culture and holy sites. Whether you have purchased your plane ticket or are an ’’armchair traveler,’’ you will appreciate this illustrated guide.
$14.99  $9.99
Chronological Guide to the Bible
Explore God’s Word in historical order. This volume works with any translation.
$24.99  $14.99
A Popular Survey of the Old Testament
A well-illustrated survey of the Old Testament with photos, charts, and maps.
$29.99  $22.75
Nave’s Complete Word Study Topical Bible
This volume represents a new and revised edition of Nave’s wonderful reference tool.
$29.99  $18.99
40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible
$22.99  $14.99
Unveiling the Kings of Israel
Revealing the Bible’s Archaeological History by looking at the records of Egypt and matching their consistencies.
$29.99  $20.99
Unwrapping the Pharaohs with DVD
The pyramids are the oldest monuments of civilization on earth. They contain the most tangible physical links with our ancient past and provide important clues to our origins.
$34.99  $24.50
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