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Bibles Surveys & Handbooks enable the student of Scripture to grasp an overview of history and doctrine found throughout the Bible and helps to identify people, places and events of God's work of redemption.
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New Testament Teaching on Tongues: A Biblical and Historical Survey
New Testament Teaching on Tongues: A Biblical and Historical Survey
$15.99  $10.50
Holman Bible Handbook
A Bible work which is informative, objective, and fully in touch with present day scholarship. Designed for the contemporary Bible student.
$29.98  $9.99
With the Word: The Chapter by Chapter Bible Handbook
Discover the life impacting truths of the Holy Scriptures. The Bible was written for the heart as well as for the mind and the will.
$16.99  $9.99
What Does Jesus Say About... Christ Speaks to Us Today
A handy reference work on how Scripture reports Jesus’ sayings and teachings to His disciples and others, even down to noting the context of His remarks.
$34.98  $14.99
Typology of Scripture
Typology of Scripture
$46.99  $29.15
Survey of the Old Testament
A person will never properly understand the New Testament Scriptures if the Old Testament remains a mystery to him.
$19.99  $12.99
Basic Bible Interpretation A Practical Guide to Discovering Biblical Truth
Focuses on the Bible as the Word of God and handles Scripture with reverence and godly fear. It teaches us how to interpret this marvelous book.
$26.98  $14.99
The MacArthur Bible Handbook A Book-by-Book Exploration of God’s Word
Designed to make the sometimes daunting task of Bible study simpler and more accessible-- one book at a time, from beginning to end.
$29.98  $17.99
Rose Bible Basics The Bible at a Glance
A handy, full-color companion to Bible study that provides you with a solid introduction to the Bible.
$14.99  $10.50
Rose Bible Basics Names of God & Other Bible Studies
Tools for study of names of God, armor of God, fruit of the Spirit, the Trinity, the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, and the Beatitudes.
$14.99  $5.99
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