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Money and Christians. In the New Testament Jesus spoke on the subject of stewardship more than any other thing with the exception of Hell.  Jesus taught what people think and believe about money is important!  These books are written by Christians to assist fellow believers in developing a Christian worldview with concerns to finances.

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For preparing 2019 tax returns and planning 2020 compensation packages
$26.99  $20.99
$17.99  $11.99
Starting Out Right:A Proven Financial Strategy For Young Couples
$15.99  $11.95
Faith and Finances: Eternal Promises For Today’s Resources
Understand your role in biblical stewardship and discover what happens when you truly put God first.
$5.95  $4.99
The Word on Finances
Topical Scriptures and Commentary
$15.99  $5.99
Debt-Free Living How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out
Revised and Updated - God wants everyone who follows Him to be free from owing anyone money. Nothing in the area of finances has so influenced the direction of our society furing the last 50 years as much as debt.
$14.99  $10.50
The Grace of Giving
A Biblical Study of Christian Stewardship
$12.99  $8.95
King Solomon - The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power
King Solomon - The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power
$16.99  $8.50
Living on God’s Economy
Ten Reasons to Place Your Financial Hope in the Promises of God
$4.95  $3.99
Cashing It In Getting Ready for a World Without Money
What will a future cashless society look like? Does this mean we are near the end of the world? We are on the eve of one of the most significant economic developments in the history of the world.
$12.99  $6.50
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