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Money and Christians. In the New Testament Jesus spoke on the subject of stewardship more than any other thing with the exception of Hell.  Jesus taught what people think and believe about money is important!  These books are written by Christians to assist fellow believers in developing a Christian worldview with concerns to finances.

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Following God:  Living a Balanced Financial Life
Following God: Living a Balanced Financial Life
$16.99  $10.99
The Treasure Principle Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving
Embark upon a discovery more precious than gold! Delightful and valuable treasure is in your reach. And it will liberate you with joy. Unearthing the radical teaching of Jesus about money
$12.99  $9.75
Your Money Map
Promises to change not only your finances but your life! You will learn what God says about money because it is the prime competitor between God and our affections.
$19.99  $12.98
Money Possessions and Eternity
Money Possessions and Eternity
$15.99  $6.40
Social Security: What’s In It for You
Will the government fund your retirement? Don’t count on it! Social security began in 1935 when our nation was in a crisis.
$12.99  $6.50
1/2 Price Living Secrets to Living Well on One Income
Creative suggestions to put into practice, living a financially manageable home from one of America’s money experts.
$12.99  $7.99
Identity Theft
Is your good name safe? Welcome to the 21st Century where identity theft is the fastest growing crime and affects 10 million Americans each year.
$12.99  $6.99
The New Master Your Money
Plan your financial freedom with a step by step plan. Tools to help you balance your budget and move toward financial independence.
$15.99  $10.99
The Total Money Makeover Workbook Revised & Updated
Simple and straight talk about how to form a game plan to completely restructure your spending habit. Accompanies the book.
$19.99  $11.35
Cashless: ’Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos & the Future Financial Order’
The moment is at hand for the Antichrist to take center stage when our world economy becomes one in which cash is no longer used. Are you ready?
$13.99  $8.50
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