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Money and Christians. In the New Testament Jesus spoke on the subject of stewardship more than any other thing with the exception of Hell.  Jesus taught what people think and believe about money is important!  These books are written by Christians to assist fellow believers in developing a Christian worldview with concerns to finances.

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Cashless: ’Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos & the Future Financial Order’
The moment is at hand for the Antichrist to take center stage when our world economy becomes one in which cash is no longer used. Are you ready?
$13.99  $8.50
How to Manage Your Money
Christians need to understand the vital importance of managing money God’s way. A trusted man of God and financial expert sets you on a course of savings and godly stewardship.
$16.99  $10.79
Money Management for College Students
Christian college students should graduate with an education and not debt. Helps you understand monetary aspect of education plans and gives you assurance and a plan to escape financial bondage.
$14.99  $9.20
Biblical Stewardship
Biblical Stewardship
$9.95  $5.99
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