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Christian Living is life lived before the face of God.  In other words, sound doctrine must be put into sound practice.   This selection of Christian books will assist you in learning to love God and love others as yourself.  We offer an array of books on prayer and stewardship to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sanctification, after all, is a life long experience!

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The Warfare of the Spirit
Religious ritual versus the presence of the indwelling Christ. It is the Spirit of Christ in the believer that draws Satan’s fire.
$12.99  $7.99
Who Put Jesus on the Cross? And Other Questions of the Christian Faith
Examing some of the most difficult questions of the Christian faith. Tozer inspires conviction that will have you digging deep within your heart to understand the Gospel!
$12.99  $7.99
Joy of Encouragement: Unlock the Power of Building Others Up
You wield the power to heal the hurting. You hold the words to affirm the doubting. Scriptural and uplifting, you’ll find yourself basking in God’s love while giving it away.
$14.99  $6.99
When Your World Falls Apart: Seeing Past the Pain of the Present
Why this? Why me? Why now? When you world falls apart without warning, where is God?
$15.99  $7.99
My God is True!  Lessons Learned Along Cancer’s Dark Road
A pastor chronicles his struggle with cancer with a hope in the sovereignty and grace of God. He shows how God is faith and that His wisdom and ways are higher, deeper, and wiser than ours.
$15.00  $11.50
The Discipline of Mercy
God makes promises and so does the Devil. God’s promises result in fulfilled blessings. The promises of Satan are nothing but misery and anguish. A look at Lamentations and God’s rich mercy toward sinners.
$14.99  $11.50
Knowing God
Christian classic around the world for over the last 30 years. A masterpiece from a master theologian. Plainly shows ordinary folks what it means to know God.
$20.00  $14.00
Twelve Ordinary Men Workbook
Who were these men? They were not saints. They weren’t scholars. They weren’t even religious sages. But they had been with Jesus. Workbook which accompanies book.
$18.98  $11.39
The Chemistry of the Blood
The Chemistry of the Blood
$9.99  $6.99
Keys to the Deeper Life
Vital, personal Christianity explained by one of America’s best loved pastors from the 20th Century. Insights into revivals and spiritual renewal as fresh as the day it was published.
$9.99  $6.99
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