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Christian Living is life lived before the face of God.  In other words, sound doctrine must be put into sound practice.   This selection of Christian books will assist you in learning to love God and love others as yourself.  We offer an array of books on prayer and stewardship to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sanctification, after all, is a life long experience!

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Tozer Titles: Rut, Rot or Revival
Change is an important ingredient in the Christian walk. The fact that people change is the only hope they have. Read the Bible and write down what you learn.
$12.99  $8.99
Salvation (God’s Marvelous Work of Grace)
Salvation (God’s Marvelous Work of Grace)
$12.98  $8.45
The Silver Sockets
The Silver Sockets
$10.99  $7.95
Unless You Repent
Unless You Repent
$12.99  $9.99
The Beginning of the World
The Beginning of the World
$10.99  $6.99
Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church  Participating Fully in the Body of Christ
Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church Participating Fully in the Body of Christ
$15.99  $11.70
Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die
The most important questions in all of life? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did He suffer? How sent Him to His death? The answer? God did it for you.
$9.98  $6.99
Seven Convincing Miracles
Jesus turns water into wine and the rest of human history is fascinated with divine interventions. Jesus miracles proved He is the incarnate Son of God.
$10.99  $7.99
The Indwelling Life of Christ (All of Him in All of Me)
There’s nothing quite as boring as a Christianity without Christ. Countless people stop going to church because they are sick of going through the motions of a dead religion.
$14.99  $11.25
The Saving Life of Christ - and - The Mystery of Godliness,
Christianity is more than a religion, more than an ethic, and more than an idle dream of the sentimental idealist. Christ himself is the very life content of the Christian faith.
$14.99  $8.99
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