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Evangelism resources help believers understand the Gospel so they in turn can share the good news with friends and family.  Sharing and proclaiming the Gospel of the crucified, resurrected and exalted Son of the living God!
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Share Jesus Without Fear
Share Jesus Without Fear
$9.99  $6.50
Evangelism Explosion 4th Edition
Embark upon a biblical model of evangelism. Churches today should take seriously the call to make disciples of the nations, baptizing them and teaching them all Jesus commanded to obey.
$14.99  $9.99
Great Invitations
How a person responds to the great invitation of Jesus Christ determines his value of the Savior’s return. Those who have embraced him by faith long to see him face to face.
$16.99  $3.99
The Secret of Soul Winning
The chief privilege of the Christian is soul-winning. There are many preachers but few soul-winners. You have only one business and that is the salvation of souls.
$12.99  $7.99
More Than a Carpenter Personal Evangelism 6-pack
The true story of how a skeptic who thought Christians were ought of their minds became a believer. The evidence he discovered was overwhelming that Christ was the God he said He said He is.
$19.97  $12.99
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