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Today's newspaper headlines and national news speak of much confusion and turmoil in the Mid-East concerning Israel as a nation and the Jewish people. We offer biblical commentaries on eschatology and study helps from a Premillennial perspective to assist you in understanding how these important events relate to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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Iran & Israel: Wars and Rumors of Wars
The Bible declares that in the end times there will be wars and rumors of wars
$13.99  $9.99
Revelation: Drama of the Ages
Every Christian should be aware of the biblical prophecies from the Book of Revelation
$16.99  $11.04
Messianic Christology
A study of the Old Testament prophecy concerning the First Coming of the Messiah
$24.95  $19.99
The Remnant of Israel
The History, Theology, and Philosophy of the Messianic Jewish Community
$13.95  $11.50
The Footsteps of the Messiah Revised Edition
A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events
$38.95  $28.95
The End
A complete overview of Bible prophecy and the End of Days
$22.99  $14.99
The Popular Handbook on the Rapture
Experts speak out on end-times prophecy
$14.99  $10.99
Exploring Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation
Clarifying the meaning of every prophectic passage
$19.99  $8.99
Every Prophecy of the Bible
Clear explanations for these troubled times by one of today’s promeir scholars of biblical prophecy. Much more than just the events predicted in the Book of Revelation.
$21.99  $14.29
Major Bible Prophecies
37 crucial prophecies that affect you today
$16.99  $10.99
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