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Today's newspaper headlines and national news speak of much confusion and turmoil in the Mid-East concerning Israel as a nation and the Jewish people. We offer biblical commentaries on eschatology and study helps from a Premillennial perspective to assist you in understanding how these important events relate to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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Come and See What Will Take Place in the Future
Come and See What Will Take Place in the Future
$5.95  $3.95
Who is the Antichrist? Answering the Question Everyone is Asking
What can we know for certain about the antichrist?
$13.99  $10.50
Armageddon, Oil and Terror
Chains of events are signaling approaching Armageddon like never before. The stage is set with unfolding daily drama in the newspaper headlines every day.
$14.99  $9.99
Understanding the Times: Living Courageously in Prophetic Days
People all over the planet are looking for change and hope. Our hearts ought to be encouraged as we lift up our eyes and look for the soon return of Jesus Christ.
$22.95  $18.50
Vine’s Topical Commentary: Prophecy
Rare and valuable topical exposition of Bible prophecy from a respected Bible teacher. Shows how great a service can be brought to the Church by an all around scholar.
$29.99  $17.99
Popular Dictionary of Bible Prophecy: More Than 350 Terms and Concepts Defined
Speedily and concisely understand Bible Prophecy. A look a various interpretations of End-Times events from the president of Reasoning From the Scriptures Ministries.
$14.99  $10.50
Prophecy in the New Millennium - Fresh Look at Future Events
Prophecy in the New Millennium - Fresh Look at Future Events
$14.99  $9.99
2012: The Bible and the End of the World
Are we watching the end of civilization as we know it? Ancient Mayans have spurred worldwide speculative theories concerning the accuracy in calender cycles. December 21, 2012 is their prediction.
$12.99  $9.50
The Coming Apocalypse
The Coming Apocalypse
$8.95  $5.50
Middle East Meltdown: Israel, Oil, and the Religion Behind the Crisis
Headlines and borders in the Mid-East are constantly changing. What is God’s plan for the future in these war torn countries? A concise help in understanding a difficult subject of the End Times.
$11.99  $3.99
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