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Preaching the Word

Preaching the Word commentary series from Crossway Publishers is an expositional Bible commentary transposed from real sermons and edited for hard copy presentation. Each author is a pastor and holds advanced skills in the Bible’s original languages.

The series focus is on bringing to light the meaning of the biblical text in a way that is approachable - and enjoyable to read - so as to edify the church with knowledge of Scripture and its application to real life. Pastors, students, and professors will find much to regard in these volumes.

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Preaching the Word - II Corinthians: Power in Weakness
During Paul’s ministry, Corinth was a newly rebuilt, bustling, important city in the Roman Empire. A place of pride, individualism, wealth, and religious pluralism. No wonder they hated Paul’s message!
$29.99  $20.99
Preaching the Word - Isaiah: God Saves Sinners
We don’t like to believe that God alone saves. We bank our happiness on other things. But God says, ’’I am better than you think. You’re worse than you think you are. Let’s get together.’’
$34.99  $23.45
Preaching the Word - Numbers: God’s Presence in the Wilderness
A challenge to live faithfully as pilgrims and aliens in a wilderness world and the the encouragement to look to the One who has gone through the wilderness world ahead of us.
$37.99  $26.60
Preaching the Word -  Romans: Righteousness from Heaven
Bringing life changing themes to the church and the world. Possibly the greatest book every written in the world. Explains how both Jews and Gentiles exist together as the people of God.
$24.99  $17.49
Preaching the Word - John: That You May Believe
The unique Gospel which presents Jesus as the great Creator-God of the universe. This massive vision of Christ has been used countless times to open the eyes of unbelievers to who Jesus is and the way of redemption.
$31.99  $22.39
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