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Concise Works of the Holy Spirit
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Concise Works of the Holy Spirit
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Abraham Kuyper
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What is the Holy Spirit?  What is He like?  As the revealer of the Scriptures, He often places all the emphasis on reveling to us the Father and His Son, selflessly staying in the background, knowing the Father and The Son must be revealed before we come into “the more intimate fellowship with Himself.”  It is primarily though His works, both within us and without, that  we come to a understanding of the Sprit.  Who He is is bound forever to the understanding that all glory belongs to God alone.  This is the foundation of Abraham Kuyper’s writing in AMG’s Concise Works of the Holy Spirit.


Most of the writings about he Holy Sprit deal with only one aspect of works: we have book on the gifts, on the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation (and the part the human will plays in it), on sanctification, on inspiration, on prayer.  Abraham Kuyper combined in one volume a magnificent overview of all the works of the Holy Spirit, beginning with the works within the Church as a whole.


Kuyper then declares the inward works of the Holy Spirit, which he does in two parts.  In the first part, Kuyper deals with the works of the Holy Spirit that have to do with our salvation and justification.  In the second part, Kuyper expounds the works of the Holy Sprit that come after our salvation.



Abraham Kuyper was a renowned theologian and political leader of the 19th Century.  Educated in the Netherlands, he served as pastor from 1868-1874, editor-in-chief of the weekly publication Herautus, and editor of the daily publication of De Standaard for almost fifty years.  He founded the Free University of Amsterdam in 1880.


From 1901-1905 Kuyper served a Prime Minister of the Netherlands.  He believed in using the church’s influence to promote a Christian Worldview which encompasses all of live. 


Hardcover, 688 pages.

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