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One Minute After You Die: DVD
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One Minute After You Die: DVD
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Erwin Lutzer
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The moment after you die, where will you be? There are only two possibilities, and in this 8-session DVD, Pastor Erwin Lutzer reveals what the Bible says about heaven and hell. Discover what the afterlife will be like, whether purgatory exists, what near-death experiences can teach us, and more. Encouragement for believers and a word of caution for the undecided! 4 hours.


Brings Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s bestselling One Minute After You Die to life as it follows him through eight 30-minute teachings that will encourage believers and offer a tactful word of caution for those who have not made up their minds about their eternal destiny.

A loved one is about to pass away. Will they enter delight or horror? Many people spend more time planning for a vacation than preparing for eternity. Perhaps it doesn’t seem real that we will still exist-fully conscious and alive-beyond the grave. But it’s true, and it calls for careful consideration.  

Questions that will be answered include:

          Can near-death experiences teach us anything about life after death?
          What does the Bible say about purgatory?
          What will heaven be like?
          Is it realistic to believe in hell?
          How can we prepare for our own final moment?


DVD, 4 Hours

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