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Paleontology: Living Fossils
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Paleontology: Living Fossils
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Dr. Werner Gitt
Master Books
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This remarkable book and DVD are combined for a full year of study. The book demonstrates remarkable images of supposedly ancient fossils of creatures and plants that still have living representatives little changed from the fossil record. The DVD includes additional information that truly allows the evidence to speak for itself. Combined with the Teacher’s Guide, you will find worksheets, quizzes and tests, and answers keys to help grade all assignments.

When it comes to evolution, living fossils prove this the theory is flawed. Despite claims of millions of years to “evolve” to what we see today, see photos and examples of living fossils that disprove Darwin’s theory. Why they exist, what it means in terms of scientific timelines, and how this alters your own understanding are revealed in this unique course.

1 Year Curriculum
10th - 12th Grade
½ Credit

Package Includes:

Living Fossils
Living Fossils Teacher Guide
Living Fossils DVD
Lesson Plan

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