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Philippians (Joy Way)
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Philippians (Joy Way)
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Guy H. King
CLC Publications
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How to Walk the Road of Joy. Not just another commentary on Philippians, this book has a message for today in everyday language. In this chapter-by-chapter study of the Epistle to the Philippians, Guy King compares Paul’s message to a pleasant walk down a country road. ’’For as we make our journey through this Epistle ... taking in the almost unclouded sunshine throughout its length, we feel taht ’’Joy Way’’ is the very name for this heavenly street,’’ he says in the forward. Come enjoy a refreshing walk through Philippians. A great book for small groups or Bible study leaders.

A clergyman of the Church of England, Guy H. King was greatly beloved in the parishes he served, and by a much wider circle of evangelical Christians of all denominations. A diligent Bible student, his gift of opening the Word to the person in the pew was greatly appreciated by adults & children at the renowned Keswick Convention. His weekly Bible studies as Christ Church, Beckenham (where he served as vicar for 21 years until his death in 1956), enjoyed a large attendance, including many from other churches. His several books are based these expositions.

Paperback, 191 pages.

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