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Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
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Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
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Timothy S. Lane, Paul David Tripp
New Growth Press
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Your best friend is suddenly cool and distant. Your spouse can’t stop complaining about your bad habits. Your son refuses to talk to you. What are you supposed to do?


Plans A, B, and C might be to shut down, lash out, or get out. But consider Plan D: Recognize that God has the last word on those messy, conflict-ridden relationships. He can use them to make you into someone who can give and receive love—with God and others.


Impossible? Idealistic? Not really. In Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, Tim Lane and Paul David Tripp show you how God does it, and how it can happen for you. They help you tackle the stubborn problems that plague many close relationships. They show you the deeper issues that drive our reactions, choices, and behaviors. And they show you how God steps in to help you build relationships that are all he intended them to be.


Paperback, 178 Pages 


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