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Samuel- God’s Emergency Man
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Samuel- God’s Emergency Man
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W W Fereday
Bible Truth
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We live in a day of obvious failure both by ourselves and other believers. So did Samuel. The parallels between his lifetime and ours are striking. The author makes clear the proper prophetic application of Samuel’s day and then draws the lessons for our own lives. The result is a nice blend of words to the conscience and an encouraging word to our hearts that the Lord has left us a very clear path in his word.

Perhaps you have an excellent grasp on the meaning behind the story of the witch of Endor, but I found Fereday’s explanation quite helpful. It laid several confusions to rest and left a greater appreciation for the Word of God behind. There are many such helpful passages for me throughout the book and I expect there might be for you as well.

Of course, you’ll form your own judgment by looking at the sample section, but we find Mr. Fereday’s writings to be quite clear and easy to follow. That leaves you more time to meditate on the truth presented.

This edition of Samuel: God’s Emergency Man provides two important features to aid your browsing. First it gives an extensive series of short quotes from the text that we found helpful. If you’re short on time then just browse through the book and “snack” on helpful little meditations. In addition, subtitles have been added to perhaps help you find the section of the work you are particularly interested in.

Paperback, 124 pages.

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