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Science & The Bible Series by Gary Parker
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Science & The Bible Series by Gary Parker
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Dr Gary Parker
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Biblical Creation


After starting his 30-year college teaching career as a non-Christian evolutionist, Dr. Gary Parker became a zealous creationist, eventually serving as professor of biology at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, lecturing worldwide for both ICR and Answers in Genesis, writing five science textbooks and seven creation books (translated into over 10 languages), and appearing in numerous films, videos and television programs. Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary, also run family camps, workshops, and credit courses through the Creation Adventures Museum near their home in Arcadia, Florida.

Distinctive Features

After three years of trying to ’’prove evolution’’ to skeptical professors in his science department, Gary Parker finally realized that the scientific evidence we see in God’s world agrees with what we read in God’s Word. His books support the truth of the Bible and God’s wondrous world.

In Dry Bones and Other Fossils, join the Parker family on their annual fossil hunting adventure as Dr. Parker and his wife Mary explain to their children what fossils support Noah’s Flood and contradict evolution.
Life Before Birth is a book for Christian families and others who teach the dignity of life to this and future generations The Fossil Book teaches about fossils, their origins, and how to collect them; both fun and educational.
In Creation Facts of Life, Dr. Parker respectfully describes the evidences he once used to ’’preach’’ evolution - but then he explains how the ’’rest of the evidence’’ points away from evolution and toward a perfect world created by God, ruined by man, restored to new life in Christ!

Books Included

Creation: Facts of Life
Dry Bones and Other Fossils
Life Before Birth
The Fossil Book

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