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Studies in Exodus (Spiritual Greatness)
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Studies in Exodus (Spiritual Greatness)
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Tom Julien
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These studies from the Book of Exodus are mainly concerned with the man Moses, and are an attempt to discover some of the reasons for his spiritual greatness.

Moses was unique in history. After being saved from death through the intervention of an Egyptian princess, he spent the first 40 years of his life in the court of Pharoah. His consciousness of a divine destiny ripened, and, in an extraordinary manifestation of faith, he identified himself with his suffering brethren, the enslaved Israelites. Faith was quickly followed by folly, expressed in the impetuous murder of an Egyptian taskmaster, that sent Moses to the desert for the second period of 40 years. In the desert God made him into the man He could use.

From a burning bush God called Moses back to Egypt, to be the central figure of one of the strangest dramas ever enacted. A series of miraculous interventions brought Egypt, with its Pharoah, to its knees. The visit of the death angel and the passage of the Red Sea tore the Israelites from their captivity and landed them, emotionally and physically drained, in the desert where Moses began his third and most difficult period of 40 years.

Moses received the law of God on Mount Sinai. Yet, at the very time God was meeting this great man on the summit, the Children of Israel fell into debauchery. In fury Moses shattered the tables of the law, ground the golden calf into powder, scattered it upon the water and forced the sinning people to drink it. This was the hour of Moses’ greatest crisis, the hour when his greatness reached its pinnacle. And it was then that God gave one of His greatest promises, ’’My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.’’

By the time you reach the end of these studies, you will know Moses much better. But this is not the principal reason for the studies; it is that through Moses we might better know ourselves. Throughout this book God’s concern is that men might know that He is the Lord. When we really know that He is the Lord of the events of our lives, we begin to know something of the spiritual greatness that we find in the life of Moses.- Tom Julien

Paperback, 154 pages.

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