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The Spirit World
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The Spirit World
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Rev. Clarence Larkin
Larkin Estate
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This book gives the teaching of the Holy Scriptures as to the ’’Spirit World.’’ It treats of the ’’Power of Good and Evil,’’ of the ’’Underworld,’’ of ’’Soul Sleep; the ’’Intermediate State’’ the ’’resurrections’’ and Judgments’’ and of ’’heaven’’ and ’’Hell.’’


  • 19 Chapters
  • 27 Pictures
  • 16 Charts


    Chapter 1: The Spirit World
    Chapter 2: The Tri-Unity of God
    Chapter 3: Satan
    Chapter 4: The Fallen Angels
    Chapter 5: Demonism
    Chapter 6: The Underworld
    Chapter 7: The Spirits In Prison
    Chapter 8: Natural Law in the Spirit World
    Chapter 9: Relation of the Spirit World to
      the Natural World
    Chapter 10: Man’s Relation to the Sprit World
    Chapter 11: Soul Sleep
    Chapter 12: The Intermediate State
    Chapter 13: Recognition and Relationship in
      the Sprit World
    Chapter 14: The Final State
    Chapter 15: The Abolition of Death
    Chapter 16: Spirit Transformation
    Chapter 17: The Resurrections
    Chapter 18: The Resurrection Body
    Chapter 19: The Judgments

Charts Include:

    Chart 1: Ezekiel’s Cherubim
    Chart 2: Johns Living Creatures
    Chart 3: Satan
    Chart 4: The Heavens
    Chart 5: The Two Comings
    Chart 6: Bodies Celestial and Terrestrial
    Chart 7: The Tabernacle
    Chart 8: The Threefold Nature of Man
    Chart 9: The Underworld
    Chart 10: The Three States of Man
    Chart 11: The church
    Chart 12: The Resurrections
    Chart 13: The Judgments
    Chart 14: The Two Judgments of the Believer
    Chart 15: Judgment of Reward
    Chart 16: Dispensation of Judgment

Hardback, 158 pages.

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