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Unwrapping the Pharaohs with DVD
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Unwrapping the Pharaohs with DVD
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John Ashton and David Down
Master Books
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Egypt still captures our imagination. The pharaohs, the mummies, the pyramids - such are the subjects of much mystery and imagination, and some have direct correlation to biblical events. Abraham, Joseph, Moses and Jesus each spent part of their lives in Egypt. But how do the biblical accounts line up with historical and archaeological evidence for this empire?

By taking great pains in reconstructing the history and chronology of the entire sweep of Egyptian dynastic history John Ashton and David Down restore the timeline to its original place as a support for biblical history. Illustrated throughout with beautiful full-color photographs of artifacts, structures and art (along with a reproduction of the black and white photos from Zakaria Goneim’s discoveries of the "Lost Pyramid" in the 1950’s), Unwrapping the Pharaohs presents a wealth of information for anyone interested in these issues.


Hardcover, 221 Pages with DVD


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