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Faith Lessons #7  DVD - Walk As Jesus Walked
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Faith Lessons #7 DVD - Walk As Jesus Walked
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Focus On The Family
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Continue to walk with Ray Vander Laan through the land that Jesus and his disciples walked, learn how the culture and politics of the first century influenced the imagery and stories of the Bible, and see the text through the eyes of God’s chosen people, the Jews. In the final two installments of this powerful series, Vander Laan leads us on a journey through Galilee and to Asia Minor, a region where the rabbinic practice of selecting disciples (talmidim) was well-known, and where disciples walked the walk Rabbi Jesus taught them.

Filmed in Israel and Turkey, these five-session DVDs explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus, not only in the first century, but now in the twenty-first century.

Volume 7 - Walk Like Jesus Walked: Making Disciples

  • Session 6 – To Run with Passion

  • Session 7 – From Jew to Gentile

  • Session 8 – Paul as Rabbi, Timothy as Disciple

  • Session 9 – Why Disciples Suffer

  • Session 10 – Don’t Forget Us

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